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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a dynamic and oft under-appreciated part of the Australian economy. Businesses with fewer than 200 employees drive the most employment and provide the most economic benefit to Australia, with SMEs making up over 57 % of the Australian economy.

The way these 2 million+ businesses consume energy, water and other resources, is critical to our societies ability to transform it’s economy to a more sustainable level. The good news is, than in doing this, the owners and managers of these businesses will save money and increase their profits.


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Upgrade to energy efficient lighting

By replacing your current lighting with the new generation of efficient lights, such as compact fluorescents and LEDs, you could halve the lighting component of your electricity bill.

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Configure your lighting for efficiency

By utilising natural light, installing skylights, sensors switches, and separating lights into multiple zone switches we can cover our lighting needs, with less electricity.

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Implement efficient air conditioning and heating

Large amounts of energy are required to heat or cool the air inside a building, so doing it as efficiently as possible is essential to minimising this expense.

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Switch off unused appliances

By switching off equipment when it is not in use, we save energy and money. It is that simple.

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Maintain, downsize and turn off your fridge

Refrigerators and cool rooms consume a lot of energy. The benefit of bringing them up to best practice efficiency is a heavy financial and environmental reward.

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Purchase energy efficient appliances

When investing in new office or workplace equipment and appliances, use the Energy Star® ratings to guide you to the most efficient products.

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Explore your energy generation options

Businesses can reduce their energy bills by installing a renewable energy system and generating more of the power they consume.

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Optimise specialist equipment for energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of the industrial motors, pumps, air compressors and other equipment in your business can reap significant rewards.

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Purchase energy efficient vehicles

Vehicle manufacturers are continually improving engine efficiency, aerodynamics, and hybrid technology resulting in huge gains in vehicle efficiency. So as you replace your business cars and trucks, invest in the most efficient vehicle available and immediately cut your fuel bills.

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Teach energy efficient driving

Teach your staff the art of eco-driving and reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption by 10-20 percent per annum.

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Offer alternatives to the car

Car parking costs money - either for your business (if you provide staff parking) or for your staff if they use public car parks. By offering your staff commuting alternatives to the car you can reduce your costs and help the environment.

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Use your recycled printer paper twice

Paper, and printing on it, cost money. Consuming paper resources can often be avoided, helping to save money and reduce the amount of timber used for this purpose.

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Establish a recycling program

Most businesses generate "waste" products that can be recycled. Corporate social responsibility starts with people doing the right things at work. Ensuring our waste is recycled is a good step in this direction.

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Conserve water in your business

Water efficiently in your business you will save money today and insulate your business from increased costs as the price of water rises.

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Install water tanks connected to toilets

For businesses with the capacity to install water tanks at their workplace, plumbing then to the toilet system can remove costs for years to come.

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Water saving tips for all business types

Water use efficiencies can be found for all business types to save money and protect this scarce resource.


Small and medium businesses control their use of resources through their application of efficient work methods and technology. As a result, as efficiency technology grows, there is much room for improvement in the environmental performance of many SMEs. Business owners are recognizing that as the cost of energy, water and other limited resources rise, the value of best practice efficiency increases, thus speeding our transition to a sustainable society.


SME owners and managers are proud independently minded entrepreneurs who, are, in general, aware of the environmental issues that unsustainable consumption of resources is causing. As a result many SMEs are committed to wise and progressive environmental programs and having their business reflect and enact their concerns about our declining environment.